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“Everything we do, we have to do with love and passion. We have to remember we are doing it for humans.” Emil Belluš


This mug design is inspirited of functionalist building built in 1931 by the eminent Slovak architect Emil Belluš who was a key figure of the modern Slovak and functionalist architecture.

The building was a stop for the river ferry (propeler) on Danube, including a waiting room and ticket selling service. The last ferry made its trip to the other side of the Danube in 2003. Later on, the building was re-built by architect Ján M. Bahna who extended it to include a café.


At the moment, Propeller is home of the project “suvenir shop & cafe“ presenting
contemporary art souvenirs. Since 2015 the main aim of the project “suvenir“ is to
promote and support Slovak contemporary souvenirs created in co-operation with
the local artists and designers.


Design by Lucia Švagerková.

Propeller by Lucia Švagerková

21,90 €Price
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